Our vision

To be the leading business consulting (Business to Business, B2B) company for clients in the Baltic Countries; to provide client and partner search, market research and business consulting services. 

Our mission –

To help business clients in the Baltic Countries find solutions on how to enter the markets of Scandinavian Countries and to implement their goals.

In performing our mission, we help our clients:

  • get concrete and reliable information on time to make business expansion decisions on time
  • effectively organize their current sales
  • search for new sales possibilities. 

In partnership with our clients from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, we follow our values and seek to perform tasks effectively, flexibly, and with good quality while ensuring client data security. We are sure that your success is our success too, so we strive for continuous cooperation and partnership. 

In relying on us for activities related to sales, you will save great amounts on employee training, call technologies and phone bills, plus, your transportation costs with be less, so you will be able to focus on the implementation of business ideas and development.  

Why us?

Experience in the Norwegian market:

We have 7 years of experience in providing services for Norwegian countries; therefore, we understand the business culture characteristics of this country. We involve partners and employees present in Norway for certain tasks in order to ensure high quality services throughout the entire service process. 


Our team consists of experienced, creative and energetic specialists in various fields, so we are flexible and take into consideration the needs of the client in providing high quality services.


We have the newest Norwegian company database and use a client management (CRM) system, so we are able to perform tasks effectively and quickly, including the provision of work reports. If needed, we can provide call center and client search services 24/7.