We collect process and analyse information that will help you make the right business decisions before entering the target market. In utilizing market research analysis, you will decrease the risks of strategies for entering a new market.

Whatever products you have selected to sell in a foreign market, your business will only be successful if the buyers need what you offer them and they are ready to pay for them.
For those who plan to enter a new market, NordBaltic Solutions’ research will help to answer the 3 most important questions about: 


Is your product/service interesting to them, would it be profitable, and what are the needs of your potential clients?

Competitors –

Will you be able to compete with other similar businesses in your chosen market?

Activities –

Do you have enough abilities and resources to satisfy your clients’ needs and demands?


Our market research is conducted in these main steps:

  • We identify a problem that needs market research (a new product or service is being entered into an unknown (unresearched) market, turnover or market share is decreasing, there’s a need to identify a client’s needs, etc.). 
  • We identify what data is needed to solve the problem; if it is only possible to get the data after research, we plan the research. 
  • We collect process and analyse the data, and then provide information.

Market research will help you to answer questions such as: Is it worth entering the new market?, What’s the best way to represent your products or services? and if it is worth it, How should you invest in the chosen area? We perform quantitative and qualitative market research in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Norway.  To analyse statistical data, NordBaltic Solutions uses official statistical data provided by official institutions in the Kingdom of Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, including information from specific databases and data collected when conducting the research. 

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The newest systems, databases and services of a call center allow us to contribute to your increasing sales in Norway

  • Having completed your product analysis, we prepare your business offer in the Norwegian or English languages.
  • After discussing the target markets that interest you, we prepare client databases for your services or goods
  • We call to potential clients in Norway and update the database with information received from them. For clients that have become interested, we send them your business offer and information of interest. We provide task reports daily. 
  • Having provided services for our clients, we prepare recommendations and a reminder system in order to maintain and increase better contact with potential clients in Norway.
  • We provide information about the potential in the Norwegian market for your goods/service, current competitors in the field, and the most effective sales areas. 

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Representing your services and products in Norway

Having performed a client search, we organize business meetings and conferences with potential clients or business partners in Norway. We can go to the meetings together with you or instead of you. 

We help to prepare partnership or service contracts and if needed, we can consult with you throughout the entire sales process. 


Business missions are organized in these steps:  

  • define goals
  • perform a search for potential clients/business partners in Norway, define who could represent our client’s products or services offered
  • initial discussions with the target companies are done/performed
  • initial meetings are organized.


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We are currently accepting registration for the following trainings/seminars:

  • How to find clients in Scandinavian countries
  • Market research presentations for your business 
  • How to prepare a company for entering the Scandinavian markets 
  • Training your employees on searching for clients in Norway

Trainings and seminars are provided on a regular schedule.  
For more information call us a +370 659 77797 
or email us at: [email protected]